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Dr. Max Gomez, CBS Medical Correspondent
"As a public speaker and voice professional, I understand the importance of vocal health. I also know that voice problems can be treated. That’s why I support Dr. Pitman and The Voice and Swallowing Institute."
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Tom Wopat, Singer and Actor
"I can sing again! Michael Pitman and his people treated me in a timely fashion, with professionalism, and a level of consideration that is uncommon in the business of medicine."
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Lisa Fischer, Vocalist and Songwriter
“I now realize that it’s not just the voice I needed to be concerned about but everything that IS me. How I eat, how late I eat, what I eat, how I hydrate, how I rest, how I speak, and so on.”
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Chris Botti, Trumpeter and Composer
“Good vocal health is as important to me as it is to singers. Being on the road for so many days a year, exposed to varying weather conditions, means I need to get regular check-ups.”
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Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Broadway Performer
“I learned so much through working with Dr. Pitman—stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, reduce triggers for acid reflux, control allergies, and have your vocal cords checked routinely.”
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Jessie Austrian, Co-Artistic Director, Fiasco Theater Company
"The confidence and encouragement [Amy and Dr. Pitman] gave me to relax and release allowed me to realize that my injury wasn't actually getting in my way, I was getting in my way."
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Rashidra Scott, Singer
"Know that more people than you know have been in the moment of a harrowing vocal diagnosis. It's not the end of the world. Find a great team like Amy and Dr. Pitman..."
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Monica Yunus, Soprano and Co-Founding Director, Sing for Hope
"I am so happy to know that the Voice and Swallowing Institute is tackling the issues of the professional voice. Happy cords, happy singer + joyful audience. Great performances rely on it."
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Lucy Woodward, Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist
"Once I changed little things in my life on and off the road - cooling down after a show, steaming as soon as I felt vocal exhaustion, or the hardest one, minimal talking after a show, I felt I had a grip on my instrument again."

Welcome to the Voice and Swallowing Institute

This website is a resource that will address all your concerns about vocal health and voice or swallowing problems…explore all that we have to share!

Every day at the Voice and Swallowing Institute, we help patients with voice and swallowing disorders and other problems related to the larynx and throat.

That’s why we understand the fears and frustrations that can accompany any type of voice or swallowing disorder—as well as the often-devastating effects that these disorders can have on your life. We also know how hard it can be to get straight answers about your voice and swallowing complaints.

With all of that in mind, we decided to create a website that will:

  • Share information about voice and swallowing disorders and the available treatments
  • Educate performers, singers, teachers, and others who rely on their voices for their jobs about voice maintenance, optimization, treatment, and rehabilitation
  • Provide tips on how to keep your voice functioning well
  • Link you to other sites related to vocal health and swallowing well-being

Most importantly, we’d like you to join in the discussion by asking questions and sharing your knowledge. Please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter so we can share and learn about vocal health and swallowing disorders together.

The Vocal Health Advocacy Committee

The Vocal Health Advocacy Committee (VHAC) is comprised of individual performers, professional organizations and others who are lending their name to the issue of vocal health. Realizing that voice, throat and swallowing issues can affect anyone, the mission of the VHAC is to join with the Voice & Swallowing Institute in raising awareness about optimal vocal health and how it can be maintained.

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Tom Wopat
Monica Yunus

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